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Your home or property is picture-perfect? Let us know! Studio Scott will visit you for a photographic check-up. If your property is selected for a shoot, you will be paid a fee. How about that for a great collaboration! Questions? Shoot! 



How do we proceed?

Mail your data and the photos of your location to

Studio Scott will review the images. If your property is suitable, we will contact you.

We will come by for a nice chat and a photographic check-up of about 1 hour.

Your location is published on our website free of charge. Rest assured, your private data will not be disclosed on the site. We respect your privacy.


What can you expect?

Has someone shown an interest? We will get in touch with you. 

You determine the rate for the use of your location, in mutual agreement. The rate we establish will depend on the size and exclusivity of your property.

You will receive all the information on the shoot or the event: who the client is, how big the team is, when the job will take place, …

You decide whether you want to accept or refuse the request.

Studio Scott takes care of all the contracts and arrangements. This is a gain of time for you and makes things clear for everyone. Being the owner, we want you to be our friend.

Want more information on how a shoot on location works? Don't hesitate to get in touch.